End of blogging, not of thinking nor writing

End of blogging, not of thinking nor writing

This blog came in response to a need, not a desire: to express myself in ways that differed from whatever form I was expected to conform with. I was already studying the European Union so there certainly existed at least some rudimentary interest in it. However it was not this which provided the impetus to my euro-blogging. It rather was the economic crisis; an experience that had a profound material and personal effect on me.

The specifics are for me to know, but the gist is that the collapse of the tissues of myths propounded by whatever power or intellectual establishment, came at a time when I was already scrutinizing the scientific underpinnings of economics and the political-moral-legal legitimacy of the existing state of affairs. My penchant for criticism was thus stimulated by an external shock and became the driving force behind my analyses, considerations, critiques, eristics and polemics on European Union politics and political economy.

Blogging about the things I was concerned with, was an end in itself; it never was about anything other than that, though it did eventually yield me benefits beyond the stretch of my limited imagination.

In the passage of time, what effectively was an emancipatory medium—this blog—transformed into a mold that placed severe limitations to my intellectual investigations. The topics I wished to address lied beyond the confines of the realm of EU affairs; and the fact that I was committed to the latter meant that I could not expound on the former.

For the last months I have been trying to reconcile what effectively was my old self, with what now becomes—by scrupulous choice—the new me. Towards that end, I applied a mixture of techniques, encompassing the suppression of my mind’s propensity to abstract and the blending of comments on the mundane with more theoretical considerations or insights. Judging from the fact that I now come to the need of producing this very post, it would be foolish and hypocritical to claim anything other than the obvious: that exercise resulted in failure, for the need to intellectually disassociate myself from EU specifics is stronger than ever.

If there is one lesson to be drawn from the study of economics, is that in our present state of being, we humans cannot overcome scarcity. The resource which shall always be offered to us in limited supply is none other than time. We are faced with trade-offs, choices, dilemmas, regardless of whether these are limited by our imagination as individuals and collectively, in spite of whether all this is conscious or not; and we always are in need of allocating our time to the attainment of the ends germane to each of the options presented to us. We cannot do everything at the same time, nor can we find ways of stretching the duration of each day, so as to fit in all the desires we have.

Proceeding thus, I simply lack the resources (time) to perform as well as I can in my profession (which is my primary objective) and at the same time to elaborate on Euro-blogging topics, while also having a desire to tread in the fields of philosophy, of logic, metaphysics and related issues. There is a cost-benefit calculation that needs to be conducted, so that the most optimal allocation of scarce resources be determined.

That is what I have been thinking about for some weeks/months now. This is the right moment to do what I have opted for. Those very few who can claim to know me, will acknowledge that I always find it difficult to make a decision that bears some sort of importance, in terms of the ramifying effects it produces; but once I do choose my course of action, I do so in a manner that is decisive, thoroughgoing and perhaps radical. What is definite though, is that the decision is not taken under emotional duress, but rather represents a meticulous application of reason; perhaps fallacious reason, but reason nonetheless.

What’s next?

It would impossible to be precise on what is to follow this chapter of my life. I can nevertheless enumerate certain things I am aware of:

  1. The facebook page of this blog will be deprecated. I will not delete it, but I shall not use it again.
  2. I will gradually be making changes to the backcode of my blogging platform, so that I may continue to use the domain www.protesilaos.com for my new digital presence. All the posts featured in this blog will not be deleted, but I will need to find ways of archiving them without crippling their url or other structure.
  3. I shall continue to publish my ideas and musings, but not in the fashion of a blog. From now on I will be publishing essays of a philosophical sort and will distribute them in various digital formats, such as pdf, epub etc.
  4. I will still study EU affairs both due to my work and because I need to be an informed citizen; one who remains watchful for the sake of preserving whatever modicum of liberty we may be allowed to have. For me—and here I write for myself as I always do—a nation-less and state-less Europe, with or beyond federalism, remains a laudable and desirable end.
  5. You can always contact me by email stavrou@protesilaos.com, on twitter @prot_stavrou or on my facebook profile. Please do so in case you need to bring something to my attention or just to get in touch with me :-)
  6. Currently I am writing an essay on the figure of the thinkable. This is a work on logic, perhaps oscillating between analytics (in the Aristotelean sense) and metaphysics. Once I am satisfied with the result, I shall publish the essay for free use and distribution. So if you happen to be interested, please remain in the lookout for my work to come.

Taken collectively, the posts comprising this blog can be appreciated as a record of one’s intellectual trajectory. Apart from that, they just are an assemblage of text and web code.

The journey never ends—you just find a new destination

As this journey has reached its terminus, I shall hereby express my sincere gratitude to my readers and my fellow bloggers, for making it all the more interesting and engaging.

Henceforth a vigil of a different kind must be kept. Oblivious to the challenges ahead, one has to remain bold and fearless of oneself; and must proceed remorselessly to change the self in accordance with the schema of its projected self.

Ithaca is inside of us, it is not an actual locus; it signifies the collection of pre-experienced and/or pre-conceived archetypes that one longs for. Given that these are susceptible to marginal or cardinal change, the destination as such has the potentiality of shifting, at least as seen from the vantage point of the traveller who undergoes internal differentiation.

May the stray souls find their way, though they might as well prefer to remain aloof from the fray…

Thank you for your interest!


My name is Protesilaos, surname Stavrou. Should you find my name hard to remember or pronounce, feel welcome to call me “Prot”. I am an aspiring philosopher, primarily interested in metaphysics, epistemology, logic, economics and politics. I'm 25 years old and live in Brussels. As for my actual profession, I am an economist and political scientist, with a specialisation in European integration and Euro Area economics. For the time being, I work at the European Parliament as an accredited parliamentary assistant to a deputy. Read full profile / Follow by RSS and Twitter


  1. Ivan Botoucharov 10 months ago

    This is very sad to hear :( I will console myself with the thought of reading no doubt profound and thorough philosphical essays. I am sure they will be very insightful, as all your other works!

  2. EuropeanIW 10 months ago

    Your voice will be missed!

  3. CRG 10 months ago


    This was sad, just now that I discovered your writings.

    Hope we can continue our interesting conversation in some other way.

    Good luck,

  4. Konstantin Nosov 9 months ago

    I think nothing awful happened. You just have risen on the new level of your coverage and conscience of reality.
    We, your reader, will follow you thoughts, ideas, conclusions forward.
    Policy is not unique sphere of intellectual realization and activities. Philosophy is not less interesting.
    So we all wish you further achievements and will stay with you to the end :)

  5. Protesilaos Stavrou 9 months ago

    Thank you for your comments. I much appreciate them. I now wish to inform you that I have created my new website: http://www.prot.dk.

    Best regards,

  6. cyqurayte 8 months ago

    It has been an insighful time here, anyway! :)

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